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MASY-5000 Manifold Assembly

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The MASY-5000 Manifold Assembly is designed to be an all-in-one approach to chemical injection. Constructed with quality components to meet customers’ requirements.

Manifold Assembly Consisting Of

HPF-3000 High Pressure Filter 5000 psi 316 SS
ASV-1000 Anti-Siphon Valve or D&D Check Valve Assembly 5000 psi, 316 SS
2.5” 0-5000 Psi Liquid Filled Gauge Brass/Stainless Steel
Needle Valve or Ball Valve Options Available
Assembly Configurations Vary Depending on Customer Requirements
All Fittings Used on the Assembly are 316 SS
Each Unit is Completely Assembled, Leak Tested and Individually Boxed.


5000 Psig MAOP
All 316 SS Construction
100 Mesh or 25 Micron Standard
Cleanable & Replaceable Element
Adjustable Backpressure



Other Configurations Available