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DCIV-8000 Downhole Chemical Injection Check Valve


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DCIV-8000 valve is capable of holding up to 3500 psi. back pressure. This device functions as a high pressure spring loaded check valve, thus reducing the possibility of free flowing chemical into the well and back flowing into the tubing string due to changes in well and tubing conditions or pressures. Being a check valve by design, this valve will be affected by well pressures.


Connection: 1/4″ FNPT, 1/4″ Tubing, or 3/8″ Tubing
Size: O.D. .750″
Length: 9.2″
Crack Pressure: 500-2000 Psig or 1500-3500 Psig Semi-Adjustable
MAOP: 8000 Psig
Flow: 3 GPM @ 1500 Psig
Materials: Elastomers and Metal Determined by Application


Double Check Valve Design
One SS Seat and One Carbide Seat
Nickel Carbide Balls
Inconel® Springs
All 316 SS Construction or Other Alloy

Design Advantages

• Allows Entry Into Smaller Casings
• Integral Check Valve
• Eliminates Need For Additional Check
• Highest Quality Balls, Seats, Elastomers and Springs
• Available Weight Bar/Waggle Adapter
• Different Elastomers and Alloys
• Integral Guide Tool Design
• Helps Reduce Hang-ups