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DCIM-2000 Downhole Chemical Injection Check Valve

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The DCIM-2000 Mandrel is designed as a simple double check injection device. This valve uses a light weight spring and ball for both checks. Being a check valve, this valve will be affected by well pressures.


Connection: 1/4″ or 3/8” Tubing
Size: O.D. .740″
Length: 8 1/2″
Crack Pressure: 150 Psig
MAOP: 8000 Psig
Flow: 5 GPM @ 250 Psig
Materials: Elastomers and Metal Determined by Application
Nose Connection: Bullet Guide Nose or 1/4” NPT Waggle/Weight Bar Adapter
Balls: Nickel Carbide
Springs: Inconel®
Seats: 1) Nickel Carbide and 1) Metal Used in Construction of Valve


Precision Ground Nickel Carbide Seat
Double Check Valve
Made in the USA

Design Advantages

• Allows Entry Into Smaller Casings
• Integral Check Valve
• Eliminates Need For Additional Check
• Highest Quality Balls, Seats, Elastomers and Springs
• Available Weight Bar/Waggle Adapter
• Different Elastomers and Alloys
• Integral Guide Tool Design
• Helps Reduce Hang-ups