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ASV-1010K Anti-Siphon Back-Pressure Check Valve

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Designed to reduce the possibility of unwanted siphoning due to changes in well and tubing conditions. The valve can also be easily set to provide a consistent back pressure for the chemical pump. This will help keep the output of the chemical pump consistent. The integral check valve provides an added safety factor, reducing the possibility of down hole pressures and fluids from backing into the chemical pump.


Connection: Inlet 1/4” MNPT Outlet 1/4” FNPT
Size: 1.00” Square
Length: 4”
Flow: 1.5 Gpm @ 300 Psig
Crack Pressure: 50-450 Psig
MAOP: 10,000 Psig
Materials: 316 SS & Viton®
Other Alloys & Elastomers Available

10,000 Psig MAOP
All 316 SS Construction
Adjustable Back Pressure
Ball Type Inlet Check
Inconel® Inlet Check Spring
Patented Design

Design Advantage
Small and light weight enough to install in-line or directly on the outlet of the pump or filter.
Eliminates need for additional check
3 different functions in one package: Anti-Siphon Valve • Back Pressure Valve • Check Valve
Eliminates the need for multiple devices in your injection line. • Fewer connections means a cleaner/simpler installation.

One moving seal • Two static seals