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About D&D Designtech

Reliable, Dependable Products for Chemical Injection

D&D DesignTech of Snyder, Texas, is located in the Permian Basin, the nation’s most active and productive region for crude oil and natural gas.  Our manufacturing company was founded in 2003 to capably serve customers needing surface and downhole solutions to problems of chemical injection for oil and gas wells.

Solutions include the following:

  • Capillary Injection Accessories
  • Dual barrier downhole chemical injection valves (bottom hole assembly)
  • High pressure and high flow chemical filtration
  • Wellhead surface manifold assemblies
  • Patented anti-siphon/back pressure check valve
  • Downhole corrosion coupon holder
  • Customizable chemical injection pump systems
  • Chemical injection flow verification switch
  • High pressure quality surface check valve
  • Chemical injection mandrels


In our nearly two decades of service we have expanded into a manufacturing and repair center and facility of more than 7,000 square feet, and we have developed a reputation among our customers in about 40 nations around the world for honesty, integrity, safety and efficiency.  We test 100 percent of D&D DesignTech products before they are shipped to our valued customers to ensure reliability and dependability.  Our research and development team keeps us on the “cutting edge” in our business.


D&D DesignTech is a member of ISNetworld, an online management platform that helps organizations, businesses, contractors and suppliers manage internal and governmental compliance requirements, and Texas Association of Business.  D&D DesignTech has been awarded the Texas Governor’s Award for Small Business “for manufacturing and service excellence and a steadfast commitment to employees, customers and the community” and the McLaughlin Award from Snyder Chamber of Commerce for “significant contributions to the oil industry in Snyder and Scurry County, Texas.”

D&D DesignTech Partners With Industry Leaders

D&D DesignTech partners with and serves as distributor for several other leading manufacturers.  You can depend on D&D DesignTech and its partners for the finest in chemical injection and related products and service in the oil and gas industries.  These partners include:


Mako Products is the exclusive U.S. source of the patented Superlok I-Fittings and valves.  Mako provides safe, high-quality and high-value tubing, valves, accessories, and tube fittings with proprietary I-Fitting.  Secure tubing and valves and high-quality fittings are crucial in the extraction of crude oil and natural gas.  Superlok provides solutions to the problems of overtightening or undertightening tube fittings with its self-measuring gap gage to get precise seals on tube fittings for no costly leaks and no time lost.


Williams Chemical Metering Pumps is one of the leading suppliers of electric, solar and pneumatically driven metering pumps for the global oil and gas industry. Williams’ unique designs offer a combination of reliability and simplicity. Both features translate into cost savings for our customers. These qualities define Williams SCIP Series of Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps. You can set it and forget it. Williams SCIP Series will keep working day and night, even in the most remote locations and harshest environments, driven by power provided by the sun. No costly shutdowns, no loss of production, just continuous pumping.


YZ Systems, a global solutions provider, offers product lines that span from electronically controlled crude oil and light liquid samplers to also include DynaPak electronically controlled natural gas samplers; the industry leading odorant injection system, NJEX; and the revolutionary new odorant detection system, DTEX.  D&D DesignTech is a representative and distributor for YZ Systems products in West Texas and New Mexico and an authorized national repair center.