About D&D DesignTech, Inc.

Have you ever thought…? “There must be a better way to ...”
That’s exactly what brought us to where we are today. That is the driving force behind D&D DesignTech, Inc. “Designing Solutions for Technical Applications.”

This thought process combined with over 40 years experience in R&D, manufacturing, machining, electronics, and technical support have helped make us a company that can provide you with unique professional and proprietary products and services. Whether it is design by necessity or that inner drive to answer the question earlier stated, this is what makes us tick at D&D. We have never been satisfied with “well that’s just the way it’s done”. So with that being said we now have several products that came about in that manner and are currently working on several more, not to mention the multitude of ideas that we will not get to in this lifetime.

The primary goal of D&D is to provide you with highest quality product possible and to build and test each unit with personal pride and excellence. We strive to conduct our business in such a manner that our integrity and ethics can never be questioned. This is one area of our business that will not waver.

Our manufacturing and production facility is located in Snyder, Texas, deep in the heart of West Texas. Not allowing our location to restrict us, we have successfully established ourselves in the world market place. D&D products are currently installed in a multitude of locations around the world. Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Austria, Venezuela, and the Netherlands are a few of the countries where we have products in service.

We currently focus most of our resources toward manufacturing a line of accessories for the chemical injection business sector. These products include the L-Drive Chemical Injection System, Chemical Injection Valves, Injection Check Valves/Mandrels, Anti-Siphon Back Pressure Check Valves, High Pressure Chemical Filters and several versions of Manifold Assemblies. New product research, development and testing are where we focus the balance of our time and resources.

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